How to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 (safe dual boot)?

       In this post I will show you how to install Ubuntu without creating partition, deleting data and all this complex job. If you install this way then you can also easily remove (uninstall) without affecting windows OS and it's data.

       I will show this method by installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and this can be done also to (dual boot with windows 7) install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I am using wubi.exe which is inside image file of ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Follow the below steps to dual boot your computer safely. This may work on windows 8 Legacy mode.

This is also known as SAFE DUAL BOOT.


1.   Download image (*.ISO) of Ubuntu from it's official site. You can also directly
      download it from here. Then copy it in a drive in which you wanna to install
      ubuntu and also to C: drive.

2.   Open ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso with WinRAR software. Double click on wubi.exe
          you will see this window.

3.   Select a drive in which you wanna to install Ubuntu. You can install it in
      C: drive that will not cause any problem.
wubi.exe window

4.   Do these steps in above window of wubi.exe
  • Select size from drop down list (minimum 10 GB recommended).
  • Enter user name
  • Enter password and re-type it.
  • Now click on install
5.   This will show two options one is Reboot now and other is Reboot manually
     later. Click to reboot now to install now and restart your computer.

6.   Now your computer restarts and installation will start. After installation it
      will again restart and display Windows Boot Manager. Select Ubuntu from that
      to start with Ubuntu.Now your job is done further process will done


1.   Open Programs and Features in Windows from "Control Panel" > "Programs and
          Features". You will see Ubuntu as installed program.
Programs and Features

2.   By double click on Ubuntu a window will pop up for conformation of
     uninstall Ubuntu. Click on Uninstall and in a few second OS will be removed from
     your computer. 

Hope this information will help you.
I would really appreciate your feedback, suggestions, requests and ideas.

Thank You.


  1. nice's really use-full for me...keep posting.....

  2. there any chance of loosing my data during this process?? Do I need to take backup??

    1. No it's 100% safe. you do not need to backup anything, nothing is going to be deleted. That's why call "Safe dual boot"

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    Aalia lyon